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SUL Resource Sharing

Welcome to the SUL Resource Sharing Committee wiki. Access to this wiki is limited to the members of the task force. If you are a member of the task force and need access to this page please contact FLVC.

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Next SUL Resource Sharing Meeting

Time to be decided

Topics currently under discussion

1. RAPID Book Chapters

2. UBorrow Lost automation

3. UBorrow revisit incomplete policies

Charge of the SUL Resource Sharing Committee

Plan and recommend Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and related services/procedures/policies to enhance resource sharing and advise CSUL. Provide a forum for collaborative problem solving, maintenance, and improvement of existing cooperative endeavors among the state university libraries. Keep aware of national and international trends. Coordinate with other committees with similar interest and relevant FLVC staff.

Responsibilities: Interlibrary loan; UBorrow; DocDelivery; RAPID, etc.


Institution Name Email
FAMU Elaine McCreary
FAU Troy Christenson
FGCU Rachel Tait
FIU Karen Medin
FSU Velma Smith
NCF Barbara Dubreuil
UCF Kristine Shrauger, Chair
USF LeEtta Schmidt, Vice Chair
UF Melanie Davis
UNF Paul Mosley
UWF Caroline Thompson

Special Event



Email Discussions

Lost Books, Invoices and Overdues - Questions for next meeting

1. Standardize the overdue loan periods among both UBorrow and ILLiad.... so that we are all providing, say a courtesy note, and a 2nd notice and a 3rd notice.

2. At what point, do institutions block patrons? What are the practices for blocked patrons? Are they blocked at just ILLiad/UBorrow or at circulation or at electronic databases?

3. Do you block faculty for UBorrow? For ILLiad?

4. Find out why some institutions are sending overdue notices in Aleph Circulation for ILLiad materials. Find out the reasoning behind it, how labor intensive it is; what are the pros and cons?

5. For UBorrow, find out what the needs are on the Borrowing side?

6. For UBorrow, find out what the needs are for the Lending side?

7. Can all institutions agree to standardize the cost of lost books?

8. How do institutions handle lost books? Can patrons purchase a copy for replacement?

9. What happens if the patron finds the lost book and wants to be reimbursed (time frame)?

10. How often should overdues be sent out to other institutions?

11. How often should invoices be sent out to other institutions?

12. Does everyone check their shelves before sending out invoices?

13. How often are overdues sent out to your own patrons?

14. How often are invoices sent out to your own patrons?

15. Are you charging overdue fines for your patrons for ILLiad?

16. Are you using the ILLiad Billing Manager?

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